Sunday 10 July 2011, golfers were facing with windy condition and fast green at Easylakes GC. On this social event, tee-off started at 12PM, with 23 players joined including 3 ladies players.

This event was organised by Indonesia Golf Association (IGA) Sydney.

The committee would like to acknowledge and congratulate the followings winners & runner-ups of IGA Sydney Social Event July 2011.

Winner: Dibyo

1st Runner Up: Peter Chu

2nd Runner Up: Rudi Hariman

Ladies Winner: Jessica Widarma

The committee would also acknowledge the following participations:
Marsella (W), Thomas, Phil, Allen Wihardja, Valdy, Gedion, Deddy, Martin Kosasih, Tony Wijaya, Mr Gary, Mr Memed, Mr Dinky Baso, Aming, Hendrick Muljana, Farried Sungkar, Rudy, Mario Lizio, Ranti Lizio (W), Nyoman.

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We are looking forward to see you again in the next month social event.

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